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Stage lighting audio leasing process attention to the problem

  Today we bring a few light audio rental attention when the little knowledge, so that more people with this demand more understanding of the industry's rental dynamics and popular science knowledge. Sound, stage, lighting is a ceremonial celebration and evening performances and other activities which are essential to the props, they directly affect the quality and atmosphere of the entire event. In the event before the party must first select the equipment and timely check for damage, props and the quality of the need to match the specifications.
The following are some of the highlights of the lighting sound stage equipment selection:
   First, according to the evening party and celebration activities of the specific activities of the budget proclaimed rental costs.
   Second, according to the size and size of the evening party and celebration activities props quality and size of the choice.
   Third, contact a number of such props audio rental company, a detailed description of the situation, so that the rental company gives the props rental program and rental prices, a number of more narrow selection range.
   Fourth, the choice of props need to indicate the required functions and quality of the props, so as to avoid the activities because of props and interrupt the process of the party.
   Fifth, in the rental process which is best to let the leasing company to send someone to operate the control of the use of these props, the reason for this is because the audio rental company for a high degree of props, not easy to make mistakes in the evening process.

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