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  Shanghai Blue Lake Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprises established in 2015, the founding team are from Tsinghua University, in the field of laser display technology and product transformation has a profound professional and technical accumulation. The company's groundbreaking solution to the thermal quenching of fluorescent materials, the technical problem of this problem, making the fluorescent material can withstand the focus on a little high-power laser bombardment and sustained high efficiency of light. At present the team applied for more than 120 patents, of which more than 70 patents, international PCT patent 1, has authorized 10 invention patents.
  Blue Lake Lighting is committed to becoming the world's leading manufacturer of white laser lighting and electronics products, providing the most versatile laser lighting products for the most professional users. The company is currently ready to put the market's core products include: white laser light source, the distance of 1.5 km above the white laser search light, the distance of more than 5 km white laser search light, white laser stars, for the medical field Endoscopic lights, tactical gun lights for firearms, hunting lights and so on.
  Blue Lake lighting products with innovative, durable, easy to operate and can be customized and other characteristics, suitable for a variety of environments, special lighting products can be widely used in national defense (border patrol, duty, camp garrison), military (tactical gun lights, Such as flashlight, tactical application), prison system (search, search), water and electricity sector (hydropower stations, reservoirs, nuclear power plants, etc.), large industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites, oil fields, steel mills, airports, terminals, etc., as well as outdoor sports Search and rescue, adventure and vehicle lighting systems. Commercial lighting products can be used for KTV, disco, leisure bar, theme hotel, children's room, Christmas lighting, theme parks and signs of lighting and other places. Medical lighting products can be applied to all kinds of endoscopes and so on.
  "Professional, focused, concentrate on" Blue Lake has been uphold the concept of enterprise development. We believe that, as in the field of general lighting LED light source will eventually replace the traditional halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, in the field of special lighting, blue lake laser lighting will eventually replace the LED light source, high pressure mercury lamp and xenon lamp. We believe that standing on the commanding heights of the world's laser lighting, we are obliged to create innovation and promotion in the field of laser lighting and have the ability to promote the practical use of white laser lighting products. Here, you will be able to find your own exclusive laser lighting products, enjoy a unique laser lighting experience.
Shanghai Blue Lake Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   Production Address:Yuqing East Street, 12401, Weifang City, Shandong Province Fax:086-0536-6101698-8027